Dental Direct

Dental Direct is not only an online directory, but an organization dedicated connecting patients with industry leading dentists. Dental Direct is passionate about bringing patients the greatest quality of care and provides easy to use communication tools like the one on their Dentist Springfield MO section that connects them directly with the dentist that can most appropriately care for their specific needs. All of the dentists featured in their directory are industry leaders in both qualification and experience.

Their network of dental professionals regularly attend seminars to receive additional Education. This allows them to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry and be most effective when it comes time for procedures. Dental Direct makes it clear to patients that Oral and Dental Health are very important to many functions of the body outside of the mouth.

Dental Direct

The field of dentistry is lucky to have such a good steward. Reminding patients that Dentistry is a branch of medicine that involves the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity. Commonly in the dentition but also the oral mucosa, and of adjacent and related structures and tissues. Particularly in the maxillofacial (jaw and facial) area. Although primarily it is associated with teeth among the general public, the field of dentistry or dental medicine is not limited to teeth. It may also include other aspects of the Craniofacial Complex. This includes the temperomandibular and other supporting structures.

Most of the dentists in the network work within private practices, but some work in dental hospitals and general hospitals known as secondary care facilities. Some of the network dentists may even work in institutions such as prisons or armed forces bases.. The history of dentistry is almost as ancient as the history of humanity and civilization dating back to 7000 BC. With such a deep history it is no one Dental Direct has taken thousands of years of education and leveraged it with technologically innovative dentists of the 21st century.


MissouriPlasticSurgeons.Org is an organization with the sole purpose of connecting patients with care providers. Plastic surgery can often be an intimidating procedure to prepare for. MPS has created a specialized service to connect patients with some of Missouri’s top surgeons. They have really alleviated much of the guess work and worry for patients.

Plastic Surgeon

MPS is truly an innovative provider in the field and has centralized listings of Board Certified Surgeons. Patients can speak directly with knowledgable professionals through their site based on the specific procedure that is desired. MPS also conveniently provides procedure information for patients with technical terms, in depth descriptions, estimated costs, and possible complications. MPS believes it is important for patients to both meet with qualified surgeons and not be blind to critical details that might be required in the selection process.

MPS delivers information on all of the typical procedures and locations in Missouri such as their Springfield MO Liposuction page which gives patients an overview of the procedure, considerations to make before, and costs associated. Patients are able to communicate with Qualified surgeons on the same page as the most crucial information. This affords ease to potential patients and lowers the mental stress in the decision making process.

MPS communicates to patients that cosmetic surgery includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that reshape the normal structures of the body in order to improve the appearance and possibly the self-esteem of patients. MPS communicated to patients that healthy individuals matched with a positive outlook and realistic expectations are appropriate candidates for cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is certainly a personal choice and should be done for with consideration, and not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to conform to an “ideal image”.  MPS communicates to patients that because cosmetic sergury is often elective, it is not usually covered by health insurance.